Thursday, August 5, 2010

Why the World is against Israel

In Acts it says that Jesus cannot come back until the words of the prophets were fulfilled and knowing the return of Jesus spells Satan's doom, he has contrived a plan to prevent the return of Jesus.

The prophets spoke about the Jewish people being regathered to Israel, satan sought to kill the entire Jewish race or force them to lose their national identity and distinctiveness by assimilation or conversion.

If the Jews would cease to exist as a nation the words of the prophets would fail to be fulfilled and Jesus would be prevented from returning.

But God spoke clearly that Israel wold never be destroyed, or lose their national distinctiveness. Jer. 31:35-37.

Satan believes he can succeed and he can prevent Jesus from returning. This is why anti-Semitism is so widespread and so deeply evil. Anti-Semitism is a demonic spirit that hates the Jewish people - not because they are Jewish but because of their prophetic destiny in the fullfillment of Gods eternal purposes. Anti-Semitism is a demonic spirit actually attempting to prevent the return of the Messiah by destroying the Jewish people. the demonic spirit in Islam is part of this.

In Matt 23:39 says Jesus will not return till the Jewish people call for Him to return - In Judges it talks about whenever the Jewish people were facing potential destruction they called to the Lord who raised up a deliver to save them - at the end of the age when Israel is looking at certain destruction and calls upon Jesus to return and deliver them is the ultimate fulfillment of the pattern revealed to us in Judges.

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