Monday, August 30, 2010

Jesus our Shepherd

Shepherds lead their sheep along narrow paths and say this is the way to go - Follow me. There are not green pastures in Israel - they have sparse tufts of grass on rocky landscapes. From one moment to the next the sheep depend on the leading of the shepherd and the sufficiency of the grazing he provides. The path the shepherd selects are the only ones that are safe and secure. No matter how difficult, how narrow, or how treacherous the path, I walked it first says Jesus. I always go before My sheep. All we have is what's sufficient for this moment. With that knowledge we can relax, relying on the effectiveness of our Shepherd to provide whatever we need in the future. We need to keep our eyes on Him because the green pastures 10 minutes from now or tomorrow or next week are only available if we follow Him. Without Him we starve. We'll lose our way - we need to trust and depend on God whatever lies ahead.

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  1. Thank you! I needed to hear this and to remind me that the paths are not always easy, but my Shepherd goes before me!