Thursday, August 24, 2017

The 9th of AV

What happened in history on this date

Israelites begin their 40 year journey in wilderness

1200 BC  -  Israel is told by God that his generation in the wilderness will not enter the promise land.

586   AD -   The Babylonian army destroyed the First Holy Temple.

70     CE  -  Titus and the Roman army destroyed the Second Holy Temple.

135   AD -   Bethar the stronghold of BarKochba, fell ending the last trial for Jewish Independence
                   executed the Jews.

136   AD -  Rome began to erect the pagan city on site of the Temple dedication.

1096  AD -  The first crusades began.

1290  AD -  The Jews were expelled from England.

1306  AD -  The Jews were expelled from France.

1492 AD -   King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella signed expulsion.  By July, on the 9th of AV, all
                    Jews had to be out of Spain.

1648 AD -  Chmelnicky massacred tens of thousands of Polish Jews.

1914 AD -  Declarations for World War I began.

1942 AD -  Plans for annihilation of Jews were drafted - the Final Solution.

Jesus was baptized on the 9th of Av and went into the wilderness for 40 days.

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