Thursday, May 26, 2011

50 Parallels between Moses and Jesus

11. Moses was a shepherd of God's people Ps.77:20.

Jesus called Himself the "good shepherd" who came to lay down His life for the
sheep. Jn.10:11-16.

12. Moses began his ministry in a supernatural way - A bush burned with fire,
but was not consumed, and God spoke from the midst of the bush Ex.3:2-4.

Jesus began His ministry in a supernatural way - A dove descended on Him and a
voice from Heaven said, "This is My beloved Son,in whom I am well pleased

13. God sent Moses to deliver His people because He knew their sorrows. Ex. 3:7

God sent Jesus to deliver His people because He knew their enslaved,
brokenhearted state Lk. 4:18.

14. Moses "came down" to deliver His people Ex.3:8 and to "bring them up to the
Promised Land."

Jesus came down from heaven to deliver His people and to bring them up to
heaven one day Phil.2:7-8.

15. Moses was very humble, saying "Who am I?" Ex3:11. He was called "very meek"
in Num. 12:3.

Jesus was "meek and lowly" calling all to find rest for their souls in Him

16. Moses performed many public miracles following God's direction. Ex.4:4-9.

Jesus performed many public miracles following God's direction.
Jn. 5: 19-20.

17. The reason behind Moses' liberation ofthe Hebrews was for them to serve God.

The reason behind Jesus' liberation of mankind is for us to serve God
Heb. 9:14,12:28.

18. Moses delivered the children of Israel from Egyptian bondages through Blood
Ex.12:13,23. Lambs without blemish were slain. Their blood protected Hebrew
homes from death.

Jesus delivered all mankind from the bondage of sin through Blood - His
Blood,shed on the cross as The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the
world. Jn. 1:29,Heb. 9:11-15.

19. Moses instructed Israel to remember the Lord's deliverance Ex.12:25-27 via
a covenant meal (Passover).

Jesus instructed His disciples to remember His deliverance from the sin via
a covenant meal (Passover, the "Lord's Supper) Lk.22:14-20.

20. Moses gave the Israelites sweet, "living water" to drink Ex. 16:25.

Jesus promised living water to all who believe in Him Jn.7:38.

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